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COVID 19 A.F.R Special Tips!

COVID 19 A.F.R Special Tips! Image

Posted on 31 March 2020, by Nolwazi MHODİ

Commentary: The following tips are offered from an Indigenous Knowledge perspective and should be taken into consideration as untested or verified agents, however, culturally they have been successfully practiced. They may be helpful especially to those who cannot afford western medicine standards. Stay home. Stay Safe. –Nolwazi Mhodi

Here are some simple ideas by SILETHEMBA M. GUTA

Cheap sanitizing materials found at home to curb the breeding of the virus

  1. Ash – umlotha can be used in powder or liquid from to disinfect and is an effective pesticide as well.
  2. All types of vinegar for cleaning of surfaces especially metallic ones.
  3. Salt and bicarbonate of Soda are very effective
  4. Lemons can be ingested drunk with warm water to stop virus from affecting the wind pipe and the lungs, one the virus goes into the stomach it cannot survive.

NB* Viniger has to be used with water only, and nothing else because mixing it with other items such as lemons or soda may result in it becoming poisonous.

Other necessary precautions as per availability of items.

  1. Wipe door handles and metal surfaces with vinegar, salt, ash, alcohol, domestos or other disinfectants depending with availability.
  2. Practice self –hygiene effectively by washing of plates, bodies, clothes. People and their surroundings to be kept clean at all times.
  3. Use water sparingly do not waste.
  4. Food to be thoroughly cooked, well preserved and not wasted.
  5. Share with those that do not have.
  6. For dry throats drink warm water, with lemon, or water with vinegar,
  7. Boil ginger and garlic to drink to deal with flu like symptoms.
  8. Honey may also be used for coughs.
  9. Onions to be sliced in half and left in the rooms overnight to suck out all impurities from the air.