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Go Nuts With Doughnuts. Tusty Czwartek In Poland.

Go Nuts With Doughnuts.  Tusty Czwartek In Poland. Image

Posted on 20 February 2020, by Nolwazi MHODİ

Nolwazi Mhodi

20 February 2020

February the 20th is popularly known as Fat Thursday or Tusty Czwartek in Polish. On this day, poles celebrate life by sharing doughnuts with others. It’s a day spent indulging in something sweet and fatty, and that, of course, being doughnuts. And the fun thing is that they come in many varieties and sizes.

It is somewhat of a national cheat day or indulgence day if we use diet terms. Nevertheless, no matter what you call  it, one thing for sure,  its  day that brings sweetness to many

Long queues can be observed in various bakeries, especially those which still prepare doughnuts (pączek) following special polish recipes. Of which, as African Food Revolution, we are keen on learning the secrets of their yumminess.

Furthermore, the spirit of competition for the super eater champion brings a sense of fun and sport to the affair. Records are set, records are broken, and yearly more will compete for that glorious spot to be the doughnut champion. In all essence, this day is not just a cultural celebration, but it is also a societal building day as it promotes the values of sharing and caring. Of which what else could be sweeter than that.

Food is an amazing connector and an integral part of our nature of relating as people. It is more than just life-sustaining requirement but an emotionally, socially and culturally uplifting part of being. African Food Revolution celebrates with Polska.