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Practicing Ubuntu Under Lockdown: AFR COVID-19 Tips!

Practicing Ubuntu Under Lockdown: AFR COVID-19 Tips! Image

Posted on 21 April 2020, by Nolwazi MHODİ

During this time people have been asked to stay at home due to the COVID 19 and maintain social distancing. This comes by as a measure to contain the virus and curb the spread, nations and the world has been shut down.    People are spending all of their time at home. This article comes to share on what practices we can engage in to avoid the boredom and those that will lead to the conservative measures of preserving our food and relationships during this time of lockdown, on how we can connect and spread the love during a time of lockdown.


While we are at home let’s take this time to call, text those that are far away from us. Some could be in other countries, cities and rural areas. Send them a text, call them to let them you think of the and you pray for their safety until the COVID 19 dies down. This will go a long way in making them special and accepted as well as loved. Do not let a day go by without checking on someone, even those that you do not usually do, despite the type of relationship you share. Take this time to mend relationships while the world is healing let us heal our social contacts as well.


This is also a time to reconcile differences as families. We are not aware how the post Corona is going to be. Hence it might be a great time to iron out our differences. Whatever it is try to talk to one another with love. Remember everything should be done out of love, love others the way you would love yourself. Smile as much as you can to one another as well as our neighbours.    


This is also a time to take up some physical activity. For example you can start a gardening project, plant flowers a lawn trees and apart from that you can also plant vegetables tend to your garden such that it may feed you. Take your time to weed out, water it in that way you may not have to want to be going to the shops to buy tomatoes, onions since you can grow them for yourself.


Take time to listen to one another without interrupting. It could be someone calling you about what they are going through. It is important to listen because as people express themselves they expect to be listened to not to necessarily give them an answer. Hence listening to them makes them feel better thus the saying a problem shared is a problem solved.


Since churches are also on lockdown and people are not attending services. Take the time devote to God while at home, listening to sermons, preaching, listening to songs of worship to Jesus. This is a time to sing to God thanking him for the amazing things he has done for you. It also a time to pray fervently. Talk to God like you are talking to your favorite person. Tell him everything you feel. Take time to read the Bible to each other as a family as a household. Instill that seed into the little ones as well. Because as you read the Bible God will speak to you and transform you, your family and your life.


Have Good Quality time with your family away from phones, share your desires, wishes, and eat together in one plate. This will help in binding you together and making together other feel the warmth from each other’s company and the companionship. Hence it should not be a time to criticize each other for thee bad things, forgive one another, and appreciate one another from the difference gifts that the Lord gave you.


This one goes out to men, as you are at home the urge to eat may rise and men usually consume so much of starch to make up for the high demand of calories in the body. However let’s remember that consuming too much of these foods may lead to a shortage of them in the home. Thus my encouragement is consume so that you live and not as per demand of your appetite as this might cause the food stocks to go down and it is not sustainable during lockdown. It is a situation that will lead to conflict in the family and hunger also is imminent in such situations, since our country survives on imports and movement has been stopped.


And to children remind them that they need to finish what has been laid out on their plates as not doing so ill lead to wastage of food.For those that are visitors eat what has been set out for you to eat as long as it does not make you sick. Remember food is now expensive and people are eating sparingly to survive and not to be full. Hence be sensitive when you are staying as a visitor at someone’s house, DO NOT BE PICKY.


Remember to bring some grocery item when visiting people, in the European culture when one is invited to dinner at someone’s house they bring a bottle of wine with them. This is a culture that we can adopt and adapt it to our needs. Thus when you visit especially after corona remember to have something with you because your presence in someone house can be a cost which you can ease by bringing something with you for example some bread, tomatoes, chicken etc. This will make people remember you warmingly and appreciate you in life because you were considerate.


When you are on lockdown in someone’s house remember to help out in preparing food, cleaning, laundry and any other household chore. This will go out in making it easy to relate with you and keep you. A person who does these things is easily kept and remembered because they contribute to making the home environment livable.


There are those that keep pets such as dogs and cats, remember to feed them also during this time because letting them go hungry will cause a lot of trouble in the neighborhoods. The dogs and cats will invade people’s houses to look for food in bins, or those that dry out their meat and vegetables to preserve them will hate you or poison the pets.


Learn also to preserve food life drying meat and vegetables to keep them for a long time so as to avoid hunger. Remember also to have snacks such as Amaputi or Maputi and maheu to ease being hungry now and again. Because the problem that is quite rampant during this COVID 19 lockdown is highly related to food consumption in the time were there no food production taking place, thus the call is to eat sparingly so that it lasts you the 21days that have been gazzetted.

A family that prays together stays together. Remember to use what you have conservatively shared with those that do not have such as sending money through EcoCash, call and text each other alleviate loneliness, pray for each other even if you are not together. Remember to do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.