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Processing tomatoes in African villages

Processing tomatoes in African villages Image

Posted on 14 January 2020, by Makhosi Mahlangu


Let me use this medium to remind our women and …… that the price of fresh tomato is very low in the Nigerian market. This means that tomato is in season. A full basket which went for 8 to 10K in the last few months now goes for 3-4K.

Tomato juice in Nigeria

In addition to enjoying the fresh tomatoes, you can turn them into various products, namely paste, puree, ketchup, juice etc just right inside your kitchen.

Draining excess water from tomatoes

Since a lot of our women cook with tomato paste, let me briefly guide us on how to prepare tomato paste in your home.
1. Buy fully ripe and hard tomatoes. (do not use “awarawa”)
2. Buy some fresh shumbo or tatashi if you desire your paste to be very red in colour.
3. Wash with cold water and cut into pieces (2-4 slices)
4. Bring to boil. Do not add any water while cooking instead add salt.
5. Allow to cool, then sieve out the water (You can use the water to cook or discard it)
6. Grind to smooth consistency (Note! Do not grind before boiling)
7. Now do gravitational sieving to further eliminate water from the ground tomatoes and obtain a harder paste. The gravitational sieving picture is shown here.
8. Put the paste into airtight containers if you do not have a freezer. But if you have freezer just put the paste inside any container/cellophane and then store in the freezer. The tomato you process now can last till next 6-9 months. What are you waiting for?.

Tomato paste in Nigeria

Remember various tomato paste in the market are mixed with orishirishi. Make one by yourself.

Written by

Professor Mrs. Uloma E. Onyeka
Chairperson, FOODfair
Professor of Food Chemistry and Nutrition
Department of Food Science and Technology

Note: If you don’t have freezer you can use empty mayonnaise bottles, after feeling it with the tomatoes put water in a pot and boil then put your bottle tomatoes inside for like 10 minutes bring it down allow to cool then keep in ur kitchen shelves.
Contributed by Onyinye Matthew Nnatio.