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Would it be any good if we spoke the same language?

Would it be any good if we spoke the same language? Image

Posted on 18 February 2020, by Nolwazi MHODİ

A world whereby all people speak the same language is an idealistic and pleasurable idea. Language is the means by which we as humans perceive our world, as well as, how which we organize and order it. There are a number of advantages to it, as well as some downsides that can be noted.

One one hand, language can be a unifying force, whereby, people of different backgrounds can be able to understand and communicate with one another better. This can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of cooperation and the general livelihood of a community. A universal language can also lead to the development and the establishment of a universal system. One can argue that within the evolution of the affairs of man, phenomena such as globalization have given birth to universal communication codes such as hashtags and numerous abbreviations. This, in turn, has led to a more connected and honest world and much a closer interaction of people, helping to improve learning processes and the setting of standards.

On the other hand, with this intensified form of communication and increased interaction, speaking the same language creates a monotonous and boring society. Not only that, this may lead to reduced creativity and lack of inquisitive sensations. The universality of language can also lead to conflict if all communication is understood without secrecy, of which at times, secrecy may be good for security reasons. Moreover, the universality of language can lead to information which may not always be verifiably reliable.

Overall, one can argue for and against the concept with some validity, however, l believe the advantages of speaking the same language outweigh its disadvantages. In conclusion, it seems inevitable that the world is moving towards speaking the same language and as far as we can observe, it is proving useful.

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