Dronetech & Sensors – West Africa Conference Exhibition

Posted on 18 July 2018 by mokumus

DroneTech & Sensors West Africa Conference And Exhibition


What is DroneTech ? and What are they doing?

DroneTech & Sensors West Africa, It’s a community consisting of Tech and Agriculture Industry players. Drone technology – DroneTech – is developing at a very fast pace and more importantly increasingly becoming an autonomous industry where robots and robotics take centre stage in the known and friendly human world of service delivery. It’s about the intersection of advanced technologies that have the power to transform West Africa and the world!

DroneTech & Sensors West Africa is expanded to encompass the whole autonomous vehicle ecosystem across land, sea, air and space.

They are overlapped covering wider aspects of Agribusiness/Agriculture, security technology and linked to drone use for border control and security.

Expert speakers from the world of commercial drones will be joined by tech entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, academics and elite exhibitors to provide a 360 degree view of this fast-growth technology in conferences. DroneTech & Sensors West Africa Conference and Exhibition is your chance to understand commercial drones in a wider context of a technological advancement.


The conference

It will be on the role technology plays in promoting Food Security, Nutrition and in job creation in West Africa. It will take place at ISSER University of Ghana in Accra from the 16 to the 18th of October 2018. The main topics to be touched on include climate change, irrigation & moisture sensors, smart agriculture, skills & technology, agile/blockchain & drones, Regulations in drone technologies, precision agriculture and big data in agriculture.