African Food Revolution (AFR) provides expertise and market analysis of the African food sector. We pride ourselves in identifying critical areas of food production in Africa. At AFR we concentrate mainly on 3 pillars which are indigenous food harvesting and management, animal production and crop production systems.

Indigenous Food Harvesting and Management

One of the cornerstones of any developing community/society is the ability to identify local sourced food resources and modify them so that they are part of a sustainable productive food chain.

Animal Production

Africans share a deep sentiment towards their livestock. It is for this reason that improving animal production systems will help reduce the impacts of poverty on the continent.

Crop Production Systems

Various crops are planted across Africa for sustenance and for sale. Improving the production of these crops in small-holder farmers will play an important role in poverty alleviation.

Makhosi Mahlangu

Makhosi Mahlangu


Bulawayo, ZIMBABWE.MSc in Food & Beverage Innovation and Management // MSc in Animal Science // BSc in Animal Science and Rangeland Management // BSc in Food Science and Technology

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