Try The World: A Taste of SOUTH AFRICA

Posted on 4 May 2018 by mokumus

Try The World: A Taste of SOUTH AFRICA

Golden beaches. Jagged mountains. National parks overflowing with wildlife and spectacular natural scenery. Located at the southern tip of Africa, South Africa is a vast country with wildly varying landscapes and a population that is no less diverse. The country has eleven official languages and more than a dozen tribes, and is affectionately known as the Rainbow Nation. From the vineyards and vibrant, multicultural neighborhoods of Cape Town, to a safari surrounded by lions, elephants, and rhinos in Kruger National Park, it’s easy to lose yourself in the beauty of South Africa. Pull up a chair at our braai as we introduce you to some of the unique and exotic flavors of this dynamic country. Try The World South Africa


Try The World: A Taste Of SOUTH AFRICA: With Spring around the corner, it’s time to think of where I’d rather be. Wouldn’t it be nice to venture into the world of new foods to try? Try The World: The South African Box takes us on another gastronomic adventure into the world of South African gourmet cuisine. As I write this post, I’m thinking of my many South African friends, former classmates, and social media connections. They live in a beautiful, multi-ethnic country rich with natural resources, cultures, languages and diverse religions that speak to the many people who moved to the area.  Over centuries, the nation, on the Southern tip of the African continent, saw an influx of outsiders who came and settled as colonialists, immigrants, and others seeking new opportunities in this land of great wealth, fantastic weather and a dark apartheid history. Even though the system of apartheid was gradually dismantled and eventually abandoned, with the release and election of Nelson Mandela, its reverberations remain a lingering albeit quiet presence in the region. Poverty and inequality are still areas of concern.

When I think of South Africa, I think of a nation with tremendous potential. Since 1994, when the majority black population became enfranchised, a lot of business growth opened doors to many and despite challenges, success stories continue to show the human spirit rising above the grind. According to Wikipedia, It is classified by the World Bank as an upper-middle-income economy, a newly industrialized nation, the second-largest economy in Africa, and the 34th-largest in the world.  It’s purchasing power ranks it at the seventh-highest per capita income in Africa. All good stats and, as with many other countries on our beloved continent, food is a great way to connect and fresh locally sourced ingredients are a big part of the diet.

This post is about the celebration of South African Cuisine; both indigenous and non indigenous foods from the region. Bantu culture and foods from Khoisan groups make up the African indigenous cuisine. Dutch (since 1652), German, French, Italian, Greek, British, Indo-Asian/India, Indonesia and Portugal/Mozambique cuisine all have influences on South African cuisine as we know it today. So the food is a reflection of the diverse cultures and people that make up the population of the region. Food is healing…



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