Who are African Food Revolution

Posted on 6 July 2018 by Makhosi Mahlangu


It was founded in 2017 in Ancona, Italy by three individuals Makhosi Mahlangu (Zimbabwe), Andrea Torresi (Italy) and Ahmed Altaher (Sudan). Currently, not less than 14 science, engineering and economics graduate students are involved in the AFR team. The group consists of 8 food scientists. As AFR we intend to disruptively increase food production on the African continent, through amplifying short farm to folk enterprises rather than Multi-National Companies and Large Cooperatives using locally sourced ingredients. African Food Revolution (AFR) provides expertise and market analysis of the African food sector. We pride ourselves in identifying critical areas of food production in Africa. At African Food Revolution we concentrate mainly on 3 pillars which are indigenous food harvesting and management, animal production and crop production systems. We provide practical solutions from market insights, new product development, food laws and safety and insights into regional & international markets. As African Food Revolution we use UBUNTU as part of the teams’ core values. We define UBUNTU as survival, solidarity spirit, compassion and respect. The performance and survival of African Food Revolution depend on the individual team numbers who through their knowledge, skills and abilities ensure that AFR maintains high levels of productivity and effectiveness. The team members rely on each other to ensure that personal goals are sacrificed for the goals of the team. We value working on tasks as a team as we firmly believe that the African food problem can only be solved by Africans. By working as different nationals with a common goal, helps us embrace a spirit of unison on a common enemy which is hunger. Compassion has made Africans survive in difficult times. Compassion in AFR helps us create a shared vision. We firmly believe that all humans are interconnected. The shared vision ensures that all our team members belong in a gastronomic social network with common goals and objectives.

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